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Recrutement Précision
Precision Recruitment is able to offer amazing employment opportunities
in Accounting, Finance, Tax, Law, Administration, Sales and Pharmacy.
We can help you gauge the job market and to validate the proposed environment to your personal search criteria. Precision Recruitment is a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of recruitment, offering a superior quality service through a transparent approach and integrity.


Very active in this area for several years now, we are able to present the business opportunities, such as accounting technician positions, accounting clerk, internal auditor, assistant controller, controller and many others. We also have employment opportunities in accounting firm, such as accounting technician positions, external auditor (junior, intermediate and senior) audit director, senior manager auditing and certification partner.

Accounting (Firm) offers


Our experience in financial recruitment opens many opportunities for those looking for a financial analyst position, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Director, Corporate Finance Director, Treasury Director , Broker, VP of Finance and many more.

Finance offers


We are always on the lookout for tax specialists (accountants and lawyers) who are looking for a position within a company or a professional firm. The demand for this type of profile is growing consistently and our network is full of job opportunities in this sector.

Tax offers


Whether you are looking for a better situation, a better work-life balance or you want to become a partner, we offer a wide range of positions covering the legal field such as lawyer positions in commercial law, in family law, corporate law, litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property, tax law as well as in notarial law. We also work on positions of paralegals and legal advisors in firms and companies.

Law offers


Many of our clients are looking for pharmacists and technical assistants in pharmacy for permanent or temporary positions. Amazing working conditions and stimulating career opportunities, all over Quebec!

Pharmacy offers


Considering your preferences, we try to present the best job opportunities in the field of administration like that of administrative assistant, executive assistant, legal assistant, receptionist, operations manager and more.

Administration offers

Our values

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Surpassing Oneself
  • Greatest secrecy

Satisfaction of parties involved

Our network, Your growth.

Our selection process

The Job Search

The Job Search

The best way to be considered for one of our jobs is to apply directly on our website. The team at Precision Recruitment pass daily through all the resumes received for each job. If you are not certain of finding the perfect job on our Website, please send your CV through the open application. We will keep your profile in our database and contact you when positions that may interest you arise. It costs you absolutely nothing to apply at Precision Recruitment. No amount of money will be withheld from your salary when or after being hired.
First contact

First contact

It is important for Precision Recruitment’s team to contact all the matching profiles for a job. So when you have the necessary skills and experience, expect to receive a phone call from us in order to validate your details and scope your interest. We are committed to giving you accurate information on the positions that we might have for you before meeting you.
The meeting

The meeting

We will take the required time to know your aspirations, the type of tasks you want to perform, your salary expectations and your preferences in terms of geographical location and industry. Following these steps, we will propose only items that may interest you.
Client meeting

Client meeting

Precision Recruitment attaches crucial importance to the spotless reputation of professionalism and protecting the privacy of its applicants’ job search activities. We will not send your resume to our clients without first obtaining your permission.
The interview

The interview

If the client is receptive to your application, we will coordinate an interview between you and him to allow you to better understand the working environment, the tasks and the corporate culture.


Once all these steps taken, if both parties are keen to move forward, we can help you to negotiate employment terms with the employer. We can also advise you on your job transition by providing you with the best practices in such cases. Once hired by one of our clients, you will become a full-fledged employee of the latter and you will not be liable in any way towards Recruitment Precision.
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